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"Contempory witnesses" relate

Your mobile phone, iPhone, Smartphone or mp3-player will become your individual tourist guide – entertaining information 24 hours a day!

Enjoy a city tour or visit tourist attractions with acoustic background information and sound documents!

Sight-seeing of silent relicts of the past –  cathedrals, castles or palaces – will become alive. Experience with our well elaborated and entertaining information an additional dimension of perception.


You can get information about the download of our mobiletour city guide as an App by clicking on the menu item "Shop".

You don’t have iPhone, multimedia mobile phones or smartphone? Don’t worry! You can also enjoy our city guide as handytour, an audio version. Please buy and download the mp3-file in our "Shop". You can use a common mobile phone or an mp3-player to hear the audio information. 

Please go to the menu entry “How to do” and we will give you further details on how to use our services.

We wish you good entertainment with our city guides.

The web page can also be accessed by using Smartphones. There you can download our mobiletour directly to your Smartphone etc. (html browser needed)

Would you like to order an audiovisual guided tour or inform yourself about our services? – By clicking on the menu item "Business"  you’ll get more information. Please contact us, we’re pleased to answer your questions!